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      The US and the west have finally started to leave Afghanistan. But is this a good thing? The retreat has clearly been an unplanned omnishambles, without clear direction or leadership. The human suffering that has resulted has been broadcast all over the world and we have looked on in horror. It is almost impossible to imagine what it would be like to live through such a terrible event.

      In the UK there have been comparisons made between the costs of staying and the costs of leaving and, for the UK at least, the running costs may work out cheaper than an unplanned withdrawal. Obviously for America the cost/benefit ratio is very different, they spent more than any other country, possibly more than every other country combined, but this withdrawal has been extremely costly itself. The loss of international prestige has been significant, their loss of influence is palpable, so would it have been better to stay?

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      1. Yes, we should have stayed. The Taliban have become drug traffickers. Our surrender will embolden advocates of secession and insurrection in the US,  at least subconsciously. Yes, there will probably be a high price to pay.
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        Mike Barden

        At the time of our withdrawal, I was against it. But Afghanistan was an Undeclared War. I do favor our return Militarily to Afghanistan and I expect that eventually it will happen, but this time as a Declared War, with the backing of The United Nations and with the participation of other Middle Eastern Countries.


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        Mike Barden

        I’ll add: Leave The Nation Building Part to the other Middle East Countries.

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        Mike Barden

        Since I am known to do this kind of thing, I could really use an Edit Feature, but… Any Forward Thinking Majority Islamic Country should see The Taliban’s Brand of Islam as a threat to them too.

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