Why are we here?

We designed our website to be a place where groups of people can have discussions on any subject without worrying that the entire community will be destroyed by an algorithm. Group administrators who manage to build thriving communities will be given a monthly salary for the upkeep and moderation of their community. Contact us at admin@freethinkersforum.net for more information.


This is a free forum where people can come together and build the communities that they want. We will never have a mandatory cost for the end user.  


We will be asking groups to moderate themselves carefully, and with as little oversight from the website as possible. Consequently groups will have to moderate themselves, just like they do on other social media websites.


We do have some costs, server costs and advertising for the new network, consequently there will be adverts, but we will try to keep them as unobtrusive as possible. We also need to start building up revenue streams so that we can pay the community admins/moderators. 


​Get started now, our open forum is available to anyone, no need to sign up. Click the link below to join the conversation.