Paradigm Crime
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I found it by typing into a search “free thinkers forum”.

Not very exciting, but the “Why” might be of interest.  Its because in my life, I cannot find open conversation with many people anymore.   Once upon a time I felt like I was surrounded by free thinking people, but over the years, and especially since 2020, more and more people have bought into rigidity, and dogmatic thinking.

Dogmatic thinking has always been a thorn in my side.  I wont share my life story on this post, but to say the least, I have never been part of the majority.

I am desperate to find more people to talk to, to exchange ideas with, to be NUANCED, and go over ideas concepts data with a fine tooth comb.  People who can accept that there isnt just two sides.

The free thinkers in this world have shrunken dramatically, binary thinking has overtaken, at the same time many people claim to be quite the opposite.   Its become exhausting, however I have found a bit of solace in calling up friends Ive had for decades to managed to hold onto their free thinking abilities.

Social media has become a horrid place to visit anymore, and I miss the long ago days of internet forums, IRC, etc.  I hope to find like minded people again.