Points: 23

Okay so we disagree on the dictionary meaning of delusion. My comment was angled more towards the morality of religion and their inability to provide any proof of the existence of any of the 4000 plus deities worshipped by these people who can not have a clear understanding of who or what they are worshipping as all they have is myth and doctrine. My definition supplied said “typically” which suggests not all who hold false beliefs are sufferers of a mental illness. And I fully understand that in some way we are all deluded as we have beliefs that can not be substantiated but in particular we are talking about religion here and the blind faith the practitioners use to justify the existence of these fictitious deities to the rest of the world. The scary thing is the power these deluded people wield over the majority of society and if you are an atheist it retards your standing in society to the point your life is in danger. Now that is delusion.

And it is a sad world if you can not debate human behaviour without a Psychological Degree, I find Richard to be a very articulate and intelligent.