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About Me

Thomas Bear

Graphic Design Hobbyist & Content Creator

I am a Nullifidian Humanist, Organizer of Atheist Day ATX 2019, volunteer with Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless, and a Self-Taught Graphic Design Hobbyist.

I had a Christian upbringing but shed the chains of religious lies in my early to mid twenty's.  I remained a closet atheist for years, not knowing any other atheists until joining social media in 2016, and joined the Atheist Community of Austin Sept. 2018.

On March 23rd, 2019 the ACA presented the first Atheist Day ATX event at the State Capitol in association with the first International Atheist Day, which was initiated by Atheist Republic.  I was the primary organizer for the Capitol Rally, securing the reservation for the Capitol Grounds and enlisting 8 of the 10 speakers.

I'm a progressive liberal democratic socialist, and firmly believe a socialist democracy would be the best solution for America and its citizens.

My hobbies and interests are reading, learning, music, fantasy & SciFi, and graphic design.  I have 3 online DTG/POD storefronts, 1 on Threadless, and my 2 primary storefronts are on Spreadshirt.  I also do freelance work whenever the opportunity arises.

January 1st at 9pm CST is the launch date for 'Late Night with OTCAtheist' on my YouTube channel.  I'll be doing monthly streams on the first Saturdays.

All of my links can be found here:



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